What is Inner Dance?

Inner Dance is not actually a physical dance as you would perceive the word dance. It is not something to do, but rather feel.

The Inner Dance Process begins with our power to perceive reality as it is, as a wholeness as one and togetherness with one another, nature and the universe.

Through the language of music played in a certain way we are able to slow down the thought process so we can observe the expansive nature of our mind, peeling away anxieties, fears and all others things that stop us living in a conscious way.

It slows down time as we know it so that we can tune into who we really are, who we have always been and connect to back to ourselves and to one another.

The Inner Dance process takes place when you enter a state of deep relaxation and trust; the mind simply remembers its nature and a complete feeling of wholeness arises.

What is the Purpose of Inner Dance?

By lying down in a darkened room listening to music played in certain way we are able to reach within and enter a state of trust, intuition and love. When we feel the effect of that trust, changes take place in the mind and the body and healing begins.

Who is Inner Dance for?

Inner Dance is suitable for everyone as you simply lie down, relax and let the energy do its work.

However, it is especially transforming for those suffering with crises, depression, anxiety, addictions or simply just looking for a heightened awareness.

The musical waves work through the brain wave states helping you to explore your Inner self at a deep level thus shifting things that may be holding you back from exploring life to the fullest. 

Inner Dance creates space for opening up to and trusting our intuition and deeper consciousness as it supports insight and harmonic connection with ourselves and others . Experiencing the energetic flow expands and shifts awareness into dimensions of Wholeness and Being.