Bringing in The New Year with Inner Dance

Every year, people make New Year's resolutions as a way to set intentions about what they want in life Most of these resolutions are the usual things like go to the gym get slimmer etc, or the giving up of something that is not serving us well anyway.

We rarely ever inquire as to where these resolutions come from.

It's not surprising that many resolutions don't work out because we don't know ourselves well enough to understand the deeper realities of ourselves nor the issues that is holding us back.

This doesn't make resolutions an unworthy ritual. It simply means that if we want to set intentions for a New Year that might stick, then we need to go deeper into understanding ourselves.

Through Inner Dance we can set these intensions by not giving up anything but rather, moving forward with what we already know shredding the layers that are weighing us down and remembering to truly Live!

Inner Dance for me personally has been a experience that has turned my life around.

I was not looking for change but from the first time I experienced Inner Dance I had a feeling of knowing that something inside me had been lost I wasn't sure what it was at first but i had a strong yearning to find out.

As I danced my first dance, and remember this is a internal dance , I could feel pain shift from me as I cried letting it release though my being. Sounds weird Huh ? Yes in kinda was for me too , but I knew what I felt and just to make sure I had to do it again and again and again !

Every time was different as I experienced so much happiness , and a lot of pain too as I wasn't really to let go , after all this heaviness had been with me a long time and it was at that time what I thought I knew was life.

What did have connection was that after the Dance or journey things where different, I started to write down my feelings, I noticed quite quickly that things where changing in me , my time slowed down I wasn't rushing everywhere , I seen everything differently, the veins in a leaf, the freckles on my child's nose everything had such clarity.

I could see this in the people around me who where also Inner dancing , we where glowing there was so much positive commucation and a shared love we has started to live again and to a different tune this time.

EVERYTHING had been remembered .

A Truly Happy New Year to everybody out there from all of us at The Space Penang

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