Punch pass 

Cards have a expiration date. Please note the date on your card and try to use the sessions up as no extension or refund will be given.

The Namaste cards are for the person purchasing and can strictly non transferable and cannot be shared.

If for any reason before purchasing a card you think you may not be able to use all the sessions , please pay a drop in rate for that period.

A student waiver will be signed by all students upon registration.


Cancelation policy 

Students may cancel their booking anytime up to a 6 hours prior to the start of class at no charge. 

Cancelation should be done via whatsapp to the class group or directly to the instructor. 

Cancelations made within 6 hours of the class start time is chargeable and that class credit will be forfeited. 

The studio reserves the right to cancel class if there is less than 2 sign ups, you will be informed by text message and no credit will be deducted.


Studio Etiquette

Please enter the studio quietly being mindful that a class might be in session.

Arrive 5-10 minutes before class to collect your equipment and settle in.

Late comers will not be allowed in as it is very disturbing to others and one credit will be forfeited. 

Ensure mobile phones are turned off and kept with your belongings.  If for any reason you need a silent phone please inform the Instructor.