We are proud to host the best yoga teachers from the UK and around the world to teach at The Space Penang.


Whether you are an experienced student or new to yoga, our workshops offer inspiration, insight and focus and can be the perfect way to deepen and expand your practice.


For our upcoming guest teachers,or our experienced and compassionate resident teachers or events view and book online or visit our Facebook page TheSPACEpenang.

Have you ever been in a Yoga class and not been really sure of the Pose or why are you actually your doing it?

Our yoga workshops have been designed to strip down the Pose so you can understand the Technique , the Breath , the Focus point and the Benefit so you can Intergrate that knowledge into your practice and use it to your full potential!

With knowledge you will find that your regular Practice will deepen and you will find much more ease in the posture allowing your Breath to flow and the mind to Relax.